Megan S

As a teacher in the Bloomington public school system, I cannot say enough positive things about Companies to Classrooms. Because of the supplies that I have been able to get free of charge from them over the last two years, I have been able to create exciting and enriching classroom experiences for my students that I otherwise could not have used due to lack of resources.


I have always spent much of my own money on things students need especially at the beginning of the year and breaking myself at the bank by doing so. Companies to Classrooms has been a life saver for me. They seem to have almost anything that is essential for a student to have in their desk. THANKS COMPANIES TO CLASSROOMS FOR CARING ABOUT AND HELPING THE STUDENTS!!!


Companies to Classrooms is such an asset for the teachers, and especially the students in Bloomington and Richfield. The items in the store go directly to students to enhance their educational experiences.


Companies to Classrooms is a great resource for Bloomington/Richfield teachers who work with a diverse population. As funding for education continues to lag, students are asked to provide more and more of their own materials. This is a financial burden for many families. As teachers have access to free materials they are able to provide more materials to students and reduce the burden to families.


Companies to Classrooms is a great example of recycling. As adults and teachers, we are trying to educate our students to be better consumers and reduce their footprint on the planet. Here we can reuse materials that would often be sent to a landfill just because a particular company no longer has a use for them. What a great resource for teachers and example for students.


Companies to Classrooms is the ideal service organization. They take resources that may otherwise have been dumped and recycle those for use by getting them to schools that have small budgets and big needs and serve kids who live in poverty. I have been thrilled with how they help my school!


I LOVE Companies to Classrooms. Before coming to this district, I would spend hundreds of dollars of my own money to purchase supplies for my classroom. Companies to Classrooms helps me get all the supplies I need for my class and my students without having to dip into my personal money. I also love the idea of recycling materials. I am thrilled to have Companies to Classrooms in my district.


Companies to Classrooms offers an exceptional service to our community. Not only does the organization help businesses know what to do with excess product that would be thrown away but, more importantly, it helps students and teachers in education. Funds to help in the classroom keep shrinking. Companies to Classrooms provides a needed service to enhance the education of our young people.


Companies to Classrooms has allowed us to use funds for other purposes rather than office supplies. This organization has supported our teachers extremely well and has been more than accommodating. They are wonderful to work with and work tirelessly to fulfill needs in our community. This is a wonderful organization and we are honored that they are a partner with our school district.

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